About Us

Company Profile

Shantou Xinhua Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in automatic packing machinery with development, production, sale and customer service. Our company makes series of fully automatic cup making machine, plastic sheet extruding machine, cup stacking machine, complete equipment and customized production line.

Our machines are sold well in China and overseas including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipine, Thailand, Iran, the USA, Saudi Arabic and other countries.

Our company set up in 2001. It has a professional team, young and high educated, including qualified technicians, engineers and professional after sales service. We have been persisting in ‘People oriented, Advanced technology Creditable management and Customer first'. And we always have been providing customers superior products, good service and technical support after sales.

Welcome domestic and oversea customers to visit our company and have a mutually benefical discusion. Let's develop side by side and win-win. Long live the friendship!


Our Slogan

Go forward while thinking, seek breakthrough during the course of development;
Time keeps changing, the industry also keeps changing, the demand keeps changing as well;
Xinhua, making transformation for surpassing itself;
Integration of foresee and wisdom, it is doomed to create a brilliant future.

Our Culture

Start from a trivial, start from now on, start from quality, start from being strict to our own, do it perfect without any defect, only you can do it well can we say "FORESEE AND WISDOM"!
See the future from today, see now from the angle of the future, see things from a long-term developing strategy, deeply grasp the dynamics and developing trend of the industry development.
Sharpen the core competitive edge of Xinhua;
Make perfect the team, management, technology.etc.
Subvert the market demand by innovating and professional skill.
Only when you can make it beyond the customer's imagination can we call it "FORESEE AND WISDOM”.
Assist the customer to maximize the commercial value, help Xinhua people to realize each other's good aspiration and dream.
Today Xinhua takes you as a proud, tomorrow you will take Xinhua as your proud as well, thus we call it "FORESEE AND WISDOM"!
One team, one thought, one value, one heart, only when you use your lifetime energy and effort to do a good thing can we call it "FORESEE AND WISDOM"!


PRACTICE - Teamwork Introduction

From the R&D, production and sales, etc, Xinhua Team has been strict to our own in the business principle of “PRACTICE, INNOVATION, STUDY, TEAMWORK”, we never do it with flirtation or discourage. We have been keeping energetic and devoted in a good mood, modest study with teamwork spirit, do it well on every issue. Solve each problem in the service of every of our customer so as to achieve and realize our goal!


HIGH Efficiency - Dare to explore, Win in the future

Xinhua attracts more and more excellent enterprises at home and abroad by its excellent quality, good reputation and warm-heart-ed service. Now these enterprises become the very good cooperative partner of Xinhua, our business cooperative partners ranges from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Iran, the United States, South Korea and any other countries, ...... Open up the vision and look to the future, we, Xinhua People are not limited to now but dare to explore the future, cooperate with more enterprises in a sincere attitude and responsible manner so as to build up brilliant future together.

STRENGTH - Work Shop Introduction

Xinhua has advanced production equipment and standardized production workshop, Strict production management system is implemented; Realize the goal of finishing the production and installation of each mechanical equipment in a high-efficient way while keeping good quality.


For Customers

SINCERITY - Each Customer Isworthy of Us to Respect

Sincerity wins the beginning cooperation of each other, which is also the power for lasting cooperation.

Xinhua People, have been conforming to the promise of "What we says means what we do", Make friends at home and abroad in an honest and sincere attitude.

Cooperate together in exploring the cooperative field so as to realize our common commercial value.

SINCERITY, DEVOTION - Xinhua People Never Neglect Every Detail

The value of our customers is the value of Xinhua people. The benefit of our customers is the benefit of Xinhua people. The future of our customers is the future of Xinhua people. With the sincerity and devotion, we help each Xinhua's customer by offering our practical action and professional knowledge.
Xinhua people use 100 points as full score to evaluate each work flowand working step in a strict working attitude of "Never Neglect Every Detait". What we have been pursuing is not the best but the better. We try to make it perfect without defect, conduct strict control by doing more testing. We do what we can to deliver our best products to each of Xinhua's customer, that is the best sincerity we have shown to every of our customers.


Quality Control

Xinhua carries out quality control on every mechanical facility, strictly implements the standardization and process management; Responsible person for supervision follows in each working step, precise testing instruments are applied accordingly on each working proce-dure, such as CNC Digital Control, micrometer, etc. We are making unremitting effort to quarantee that each product can reach the highest professional standard.