JP-900-120 Sheet Extruding Machiner

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The JP series plastic sheet extruder provided by our company is developed with the most advanced technology. These machines consist of an extruder, three rolls, a winder and an electrical control cabinet. For durability and strength, the screw and hopper are made of alloy steel and are nitrided. In addition, the transmission filter adopts a “hanger” design to ensure the flatness of the produced sheet. The three rollers are equipped with calendering device, which can adjust the line speed. This achieves good plasticization, maintains the uniformity of the plastic sheet, and ensures a smooth and delicate surface effect.

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Our company adopts the latest technology to develop JP series plastic sheet extruder. These machines are equipped with extruders, three rolls, winders and electrical control cabinets. For strength and durability, the screw and hopper are made of alloy steel and nitrided. The transmission filter adopts a "hanger" design to ensure the flatness of the sheet. The three rollers have calendering function and can adjust the line speed. This results in good plasticization, ensuring uniformity of the plastic sheet. Consistent flow leaves paper with a smooth and fine finish.

Our machines are ideal for producing high quality plastic containers such as drinking glasses, jelly cups, food boxes and other plastic containers. Compatible with PP, PS, PE, HIPS and other sheet materials. The manufacturing process involves thermoforming and vacuum forming methods. Rest assured that our machines handle these processes efficiently, delivering excellent results.


1) The plastic sheet making machine has an excellent ability to produce large quantities of plastic sheets in a short period of time.
2) Energy saving: The machine consumes about 20% less energy than standard machines, resulting in significant cost savings.
3) We have developed four key technologies for sheet extruders: extrusion systems, dies, rollers and rewinders. These components are carefully researched and designed by our team. In addition, in order to ensure the safety and performance of the machine, we have implemented double protection for the main electrical components.
4) The machine has been designed with user convenience in mind and is particularly user-friendly even for novices. The design incorporates human-centric features, prioritizing simplicity and convenience during operation.
5) The sheet has excellent plasticizing properties and forms a stable, secure shape even when driving in curves.
6) The heating system adopts domestic high-quality stainless steel heating elements, built-in single heating tube and precision temperature control mold. The system has high temperature control precision, fast temperature rise, good heat preservation effect and long service life. Also, it helps to save time and energy.
7) Our company has a skilled and professional team dedicated to machine research and development. We are also proud of our experienced and knowledgeable after sales service team. Most of our staff have over 10 years of expertise in the field, ensuring first class service and support to our customers.


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Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A1: We have been in the factory industry since 2001 and have successfully exported our machines to more than 20 countries.

Q2: What kind of material this machine can produce?
A2: The machine is capable of producing sheets made of various components such as PP, PS, PE and HIPS.

Q3: Do you accept the OEM design?
A3: Of course, we are able to customize our products to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Q4: How long is the warranty period?
A4: The machine is guaranteed for one year, and the electrical components are guaranteed for six months.

Q5: How to install the machine?
A5: We will send a technician to visit your factory for one week to install the machine and train your workers how to use it. Please note, however, that you are responsible for all associated costs such as visa fees, round-trip airfare, accommodation and meals.

Q6: If we are totally new in this area and worry can not find the profession engineer in the local market?
A6: We have a group of professional engineers in the domestic market, who can help you temporarily until you find someone who can operate the machine effectively. You can negotiate and arrange directly with the engineer who best suits your needs.

Q7: Is there other value-add service?
A7: We can provide professional advice based on production experience, including tailor-made formulas for special products such as high-transparency PP cups.

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