SEV-858S Fully Servo Thermoforming Machine

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SEV-858 fully servo thermoforming machine is high speed, high productivity. sheet feeding-sheet heat treatment-streching forming-cutting edge, a single fully automatic complete production line.

It is suitable to use PP, PE. PS. PVC. PET ABS and other plastic sheet to produce drinking cups. jelly cups, milk cups &food storage boxes. lt can work semi-automatic and full-automatic. It works stable, low noise, reliable to make sure perfect forming products.

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A full servo thermoforming machine is a machine used in the thermoforming process to manufacture plastic products. Thermoforming is a manufacturing process in which a sheet of plastic is heated, stretched over a mold, and then cooled to form the desired shape. A full servo thermoforming machine is called "full servo" because it is equipped with servo motors to control every aspect of the machine's operation, including heating, stretching and trimming. Servo motors provide precise control for precise and repeatable shaping of plastic sheets. Typically used in high-speed production applications, these machines can handle a wide variety of plastic materials including PP, PS, PET,HIPS and more. Some of the advantages of a full servo thermoforming machine include increased efficiency, reduced waste, improved product quality, and the flexibility to produce different shapes and sizes. Additionally, the machine's servo-driven motion can be easily programmed and adjusted, making it versatile and customizable to meet a variety of production requirements. Overall, fully servo thermoforming machines are technologically advanced and efficient solutions for the manufacture of plastic products.


1. Servo driving system or hydraulic system offer more smoothly running, easy be operated and maintained.
2. Four column structure guarantee high precision plane accuracy of the running mould sets.
3. Servo motor drive sheet sending and plug assist device, offer high precision running: easy be controlled.
4. China or Germany heater , high heating efficiency, lower power, long life span.
5. PLC with touch screen control system, easy be operated.


Model No. Sheet thickness
Sheet width
Max. forming area
Max.forming depth
Work speed
Heat rated power
Motor power Total weight
SEV-858 0.2-2.5 730-850 580*850 230 ≤35 180 20 8 4.6*1.9*3.3



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Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A1: We are a factory, and we export our machines to more than 20 countries since 2001.

Q2: How long is the warranty period?
A2: The machine have one year guarantee time and electricl parts for 6 months.

Q3: Which country have your machine sold before?
A3: We had sold the machine to these countries: Thailand, Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myamar, Korea, Russia, Iran, Saudi, Arabic, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Mauritius, India, Kenya, Libia, Bolivia, USA, Costa Rica and so on.

Q4: How to install the machine?
A4: We will send technician to your factory for one week free installment the machine, and training your workers to use it. You pay all related costs, including visa charge, double-way tickets, hotel, meals etc.

Q5: If we are totally new in this area and worry can not find the profession engineer in the local market?
A5: We can help to find the profession engineer from our domestic market. You can hire him for a short time until you have person that can run the machine well. And you just make a deal with the engineer directly.

Q6: Is there other value-add service?
A6: We can offer you some professional suggestions about the production experience, for example: we can offer some formula upon some expecial product like high clear PP cup etc.

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