RGC-730 Fully Automatic Cup Thermoforming Machine

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RGC-730 hydraulic cup thermoforming machine is an efficient and fast production line. It consists of sheet feeding system, sheet heat treatment, stretch forming and cutting edge process, all automated. This machine supports the use of PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET, ABS and other types of plastic sheets to produce high-quality drinking cups, jelly cups, milk cups, food storage boxes, etc. It can run in two modes, semi-automatic and fully automatic, ensuring stability, low noise, and reliable performance, so that the product is always perfectly formed.

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RGC-730 Fully Automatic Hydraulic Cup Thermoforming Machine is designed for high speed and high productivity operation. It covers the complete production line, including feeding, sheet heat treatment, stretch forming and cutting processes. The machine has fully automated features that require no human intervention, ensuring a seamless production process. Its efficient workflow enables quick and precise creation of all types of cups, from drinking glasses to food storage boxes. Overall, the RGC-730 is a reliable and efficient solution for automating the cup thermoforming process.

You can make drinking cups, jelly cups, milk cups, and food storage boxes from a variety of plastic sheets, including PP, PE, PS, PET and more. The production process can be carried out in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The machine runs stably with low noise, ensuring the reliability of delivering perfectly formed products.


1. Servo drive system or hydraulic system is adopted, with more stable operation, convenient maintenance and humanized operation.
2. The four-column structure is adopted to ensure that the running formwork has high precision in plane precision.
3. Servo-motor-driven sheet feeding and plugging assists provide excellent operational precision and are easy to control.
4. China or Germany heater has the characteristics of high heating efficiency, low power consumption and long service life.
5. Equipped with PLC touch screen control system, easy to operate.


Model No. Sheet thickness
Sheet width
Max. forming area
Max.forming depth
Work speed
Heat rated power
Motor power Total weight
RGC-730 0.25-2.5 600-730 420*720 180 ≤35 130 11 6 4.3*1.6*2.8



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